Karl Wes young CEO

Karl “Wes” Young is the founder, lead chemist and chief innovator of Full Circle Labs. His research in the Oregon, California and Colorado bionutraceutical markets lead to the innovation of numerous product lines for his and other companies as a consultant. He standardized a number of delivery methodologies for increasing bioavailability and system absorption of bionutraceutical and holistic compounds alike. From smart (nootropic) gummies, orgasmicly influential personal massage oil and hemp derived sleep and anxiety aids to nootropic and hemp liposamal encapsulation, his progress and knowledge are continually expanding


Dr William park mcnair cso

William grew up in the South around construction. In 1992, he moved to Colorado and worked on medium-sized (up to 21M) commercial and institutional jobs,e and high-end private homes. While coordinating clinicians’ design needs in the build-out of a research and treatment facility, he discovered clinical research. 

William began pursuing undergraduate pre-requisites for a clinical research degree in 1998 while interning with the University of Colorado's Cardiovascular Institute (CUCVI).  He departed holding a dual PhD (Genetics and Biophysics) from CU's Human Medical Genetics Program in order to attend medical school. However, he found the state and practice of institutional medicine dissatisfying and left as a student-in-good-standing prior to completion. 

In 2012, as an alternative to practicing medicine or pursuing mainstream academic research, William focused on consulting and entrepreneurial start-ups in the novel Colorado Cannabis industry.  In 2018, he helped found Full Circle Labs as well as founded Ascengen as a vehicle for developing proof-of-concept innovative bioscience technology to be applied in the production of designer Cannabis products.

Todd Wilson

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